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Expert Carpet Cleaning in Hampshire For a Clean And Healthy Home

It's quite difficult to decide when is the right time to have a professional steam carpet cleaning in Hampshire. Your carpets may have a few stains and spots here and there and also a few high traffic areas that you would want to get cleaned or maybe spot clean yourself. But you should consider all the things that you cannot see as well – carpets are also home for small waste particles, loads of dust and maybe even dust mites.

The deep carpet cleaning services that we offer uses high temperatures and professional cleaning solution to help clean off and remove all those things that can be a danger to you and your health.

Apart from carpets, we can also clean any type of upholstery, the fabric on your kitchen chairs, any rugs and all the areas that are carpeted, no matter their accessibility. Our carpet cleaners on-site will move around any furniture that is not fitted while they clean, so all of your carpets are treated. 

Our eco-friendly cleaning solutions will create a safe environment for you, your children and even your pets, reduce the risk of asthma and improve the quality of the air indoors.

You can enjoy your carpets shortly after they’ve been cleaned as the dry time is not days or weeks, but a matter of hours. Simply keep your shoes off the carpet to prevent further staining while it is still a bit damp. The cleaning process is fully tailored to the particular type of stains and fabric of the carpet.

The Hampshire carpet cleaning service is available both for your private property and for commercial inquiries. You will find the same standard for both and the same level of satisfaction.

Call and organise a hot water extraction carpet cleaning with Tanya's Cleaners - we are a local business with ten years of experience in all areas of cleaning! We are CheckATrade certified, and you will find the quoted price is the end price – there are no hidden charges with us.

Effective Rug And Carpet Cleaning Services in Hampshire

We are fully qualified in all areas of carpet and upholstery cleaning, also in steam rug cleaning. The method we use is called hot water extraction cleaning and is different and better than the regular steam cleaning. It is suitable for synthetic and mixed fibre carpets.

Firstly we will deeply hover the carpet or rug to make sure we remove as much as we can from the accumulated dust and dirt. Then our professional carpet cleaner will inspect and locate any particular stains. The technician will pre-treat them with specific and robust cleaning solutions depending on the type of the stain and then proceed on to the cleaning with the machine.

The method of this type of cleaning is injecting hot water in the pre-treated fabric while simultaneously extracting all the moisture used for the cleaning of the carpet. More than 95% of the moisture is removed on the spot, leaving the carpet a little damp, hence ensuring short drying time. You can further speed up the drying process by opening windows and doors in the carpeted rooms to help with the ventilation.

The carpet cleaner will move around furniture that is not fitted and can be lifted while cleaning, then return the items to their initial places. The technician will also install protective pads underneath them. You can easily remove those later, once the carpet is fully dry.

The same process will be applied to your rugs, so you don’t have to worry about carrying them to a cleaning studio and then collecting them back. They will be cleaned on the spot, and you can walk on them shortly after the service, just not with shoes until they have thoroughly dried.

Upholstery cleaning is also available for all types of fabric, including some synthetic and mixed fibres. The technician will first do a test patch on an area that is not easily visible. After making sure fabric will not get damaged, he will continue with the hot water cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Prices in Hampshire

Premises type

Hot Water Extraction

Lounge / Dining room


Through lounge


Single Bedroom


Double Bedroom


Hallway, Stairs and Landing




Staircase (up to 14 steps)




Rug (up to 3 sq.m)


Medium Rug


Large Rug


All current stains will get pretreated with the proper stain removal solution prior to the hot water extraction. Minimum charge per visit is £60.

Scotchgard™ Fabric Protection For Stain-Free Rugs And Carpets

It is recommended that you clean your carpets for both health reasons and better hygiene of your property frequently. Depending on the usage of carpets and your home situation, it can even be a couple of times a year. But we offer a fantastic solution that can both keep your carpets clean for longer and also help you save money on frequent cleaning visits.

Scotchgard is a fabric protection solution for stain-free rugs and carpets. It is an invisible solvent that is sprayed on top of rugs, carpets, also available for upholstery and chairs. Scotchgard acts as a protective layer on top of the fabric.

With the Scotchgard carpet protection applied in case of a spill, you don’t have to worry. Coffee, wine, or whatever it is, it will linger on top of the invisible solution for you to quickly wipe, without staining deep into the fabric. The Scotchgard fabric protector inevitably does wear off, but can protect your areas from stains for up to 6 months! It can not only keep the carpets and rugs clean for longer but also protects the fabric itself from wear and tear, prolonging the life of your items altogether!

Enjoy Scotchgard protective film on your domestic areas, also available for large commercial carpets and rugs. Invest in the future of your home and business and make sure you won’t have to be bothered by stains and spills for a long time. Plus, having your carpets and rugs protected you will reduce your carpet cleanings costs significantly. 

Professional Carpet Cleaners in Hampshire You Can Always Rely On

If you are looking for experienced and hardworking local carpet cleaners in Hampshire look no more. Our staff is fully trained, skilled, polite, and always on time. We welcome and perform both domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services with ease. 

Call and organise a hot water extraction carpet cleaning with Tanya's Cleaners - a local business with ten years of experience in all areas of cleaning! We are CheckATrade certified, and you will find the quoted price is the end price – there are no hidden charges with us.

We know you have a busy schedule and we will be happy to organise the appointment for a time that is convenient for you. Tanya's Cleaners is one of the few carpet cleaning companies in Hampshire available all day every day, including weekends and even bank holidays with no extra charges. If you can’t make it home in time, we will be happy to pick up or drop off the key of your property at a safe location.

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