End Of Tenancy Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning in Hampshire That Take Cares of Everything

The end of tenancy cleaning in Hampshire is a complete, top to bottom cleaning of the whole property to guarantee the full satisfaction of both landlord and tenants. Tanya’s Cleaners is a local cleaning company business with ten years of experience in all areas of house cleaning services, using robust professional-grade cleaning solutions, eco- and environmentally friendly.

Call and book the service and meet the team on-site or have them pick up the keys from a secure location.

End of Tenancy Cleaning in Hampshire

Call and organize a survey in case your property is four bedrooms or bigger! Book a service with us and enjoy no hidden charges, no extra fees for weekend appointments and close-to-date bookings.Enter your text here...

What Does the Move-out/in Cleaning Services Include?

The end of lease cleaning Hampshire can be combined with deep carpet cleaning if required by your tenancy agreement.

Once you’ve booked with us your property will be deep cleaned, floors and carpets vacuumed, and moped, all surfaces, sills and skirting boards wiped down and dusted.

The kitchen will be professionally cleaned - appliances will be cleaned from the outside and in, including underneath them and on the side. Cupboards and drawers will be cleaned in and out. Wall spot can be performed upon request by our local and friendly expert cleaners.

It will include all the needed professional equipment and detergents. The team will stay on-site as long as it is required, but most properties take about half a day. Our staff can pick up and leave the key where requested, and the service is completely guaranteed – if by any chance there is something more that can be done the team will go back to re-do those areas within the guarantee period.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices in Hampshire

Property type

End of Tenancy Cleaning

EOT + Deep Carpet Cleaning

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1 Bedroom



2 Bedrooms



3 Bedrooms



4+ Bedrooms

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Quote after viewing

Tenancy Cleaning for Letting Agents and Landlords

The end of tenancy cleaning in Hampshire is also suitable for Letting Agents and Landlords. The teams will follow your checklist to make sure they bring the property back to your standards before your next tenants go in. You can book both an end of tenancy and a pre-tenancy cleaning services.

If the property has been on the market for a while and you want it fresh and clean for your next residents, then our deep cleaning services are definitely what you need! On top of the deep cleaning can also be added professional carpet and wall spot cleaning.

For your convenience services can be pre-booked as soon as you know the exact date you will need it for, but we also can fit your appointment in our schedule on short notice! You will face no additional charges for that, nor for bookings on weekends and bank holidays. We are flexible with our appointments so we can accommodate you whenever you need us!

Move-Out Cleaning for Tenants

If you are moving out of your flat or house and want to make sure you receive your deposit back in full, then this is the service for you. It comes with a full guarantee of standard. If by any chance there is an area that your landlord or the inspection agency is not satisfied with give us a call and we will come back and do it again following their priorities. We work with checklists from the biggest agencies and landlords in the area to make sure cleaning is done within their standards.

You can book the move-out and move-in cleaning services if you’re a tenant in need of a deep clean as well. The end of tenancy cleaning cost is affordable and will make sure you don’t have to take on the heavy burden of preparing your property for an inspection.

Following the checklists of your agency, we will do a spotlessly clean and make sure you get your deposit back. The service is 100% guaranteed, and even if your inspection doesn’t go as planned, you simply need to call us. The team will go back and focus on the areas that did not pass the check-out.

We have been in the cleaning business for many years and know by now what the check-out agencies are most intent on. Our end of tenancy cleaners in Hampshire focus on those areas, such as spots on walls, carpets condition, kitchen and oven, bathroom and loo.

Add deep carpet cleaning, window cleaning and even detailed wall cleaning if required by the tenancy agreement you signed – check what is requested once you vacate the property and let us know, we will gladly take care of it for you.

This service can also be booked as a move-in cleaning! Moving house can sometimes be a nightmare, but it can end the minute you step into your new accommodation. Enjoy your new home in its full potential right away with our thorough and guaranteed tenancy clean. Call and book the service with us and in less than a day, your flat or house will be ready for you and all your belongings!

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I found them very honest. Doing a good job, always on time and very pleasant to deal with. I have no hesitation in recommending Tanya’s Cleaners especially the director Stanka Grudeva to anyone who needs professional cleaning services

G. Serellis

Stanka and her team are very pleasant and courteous, always takes note of how you like a job doing.

Mrs Robertson

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