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Exceptional Gutter Cleaning Services in Hampshire That Saves You Money

If you’ve always wondered what is going on up in your gutters or trying to figure out where a particular leak might be originating, then our gutter cleaning in Hampshire is the right choice for you.

We are happy to offer skilled gutter cleaning technicians at your services to inspect your gutters and fix any blockages.

Overflowing gutters or odd leakage points are nothing unusual, but left unattended may cause unnecessary repairs later on or even replacement of the entire gutter system. This can easily be avoided with simple but regular condition check-ups by a professional.

gutter cleaning in Hampshire

Gutter maintenance is recommended every once in a while but is a must in autumn, when the leaves are carried by the wind and rain make them stick together, forming large clumps of foliage.

This may cause blockages along the rainwater route, leaving it no other choice but to either overflow from the gutters or fight to get through another way, which you definitely won’t enjoy.

Gutter cleaning is most frequently helping you avoid:

  • Roof leaks;
  • Water damage;
  • Pest infestations;
  • Facade cracks and moisture in walls;
  • Mould and weeds growing in your gutter.

What Does The Gutter Cleaning Service Involve?

Tanya's Cleaners gutter cleaning services are suitable for both domestic and commercial requests. All properties can be inspected and serviced, as long as they’re up to 12 metres in height, or 4th floor from the ground up.

Using the latest industrial-grade equipment, we can easily clean the gutters from the ground with the help of a guiding camera on top of a telescopic pole.

Whether you’re a landlord, a homeowner, a managing agent, or a tenant renting for a longer time, we can assist with the gutter cleaning you need.

You don’t have to wait for things to get worse to call us! Think ahead and save yourself the trouble by simply scheduling a regular maintenance service for your rain gutters, and your home will thank you for it.

Here is how the gutter cleaning process looks like:

Step 1. Make an appointment

Contact us and book a visit. Our friendly customer service representative will quote you based on your property's type and the height of your gutters. Gutter cleaning prices are disclosed in the table below.

Step 2. Access

On the day of service, please make sure our technician will have easy access to the gutters and also - access to electricity.

Step 3. Assessment and cleaning

Once the specialist arrives on site, he will first evaluate the state of your gutters. Our rep will assemble a telescopic pole and attach an HD camera to its end to inspect the condition of rain gutters from the ground.

The technician will also take some photos before starting the work, and then he will commence the cleaning. During the process, all mud, fallen leaves, debris and dirt will be removed, leaving the gutter pipes clean and clog-free.

Step 4. Outcome and maintenance advice

After the service is completed, our gutter cleaner will again take several more photos to show the service's progress, so you can compare the before and after and evaluate our work.

Our staff will also discuss with you further maintenance. The technician will advise you how often you should have your gutters cleaned, any repairs needed in the near future, and any other custom tips they may have for your guttering situation.

Gutter Cleaning Prices in Hampshire

Property type


Terraced house

 from £69

End of terraced house

 from £79

Semi-detached house

 from £99

Detached house

 from £119


 from £79





*Please note that the prices displayed above are for standard size properties on two floors. In case your home is on three levels (or more), and there is an extension, your estimate might be amended by our technician on-site.

Why Choose Our Expert Gutter Cleaners in Hampshire?

  • Residential and commercial gutter cleaning services available;
  • Astonishing results;
  • “Before” and “After” service assessment;
  • 7-days a week availability, even on bank holidays;
  • Local, fully insured and experienced gutter cleaning technicians;
  • Latest industrial-grade vacuum gutter cleaning equipment;
  • Reliable local gutter cleaning company in Hampshire.

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