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Tidying and Decluttering Services for Organised and Clutter-Free Home

Are you in need of a professional tidying and decluttering service? We know that sometimes chores around the house may pile up, personal belongings and clothes can get a bit out of hand leaving you overwhelmed with the number of things you own that only seem to take up space from your rooms and leave you feeling like there is no space left for air.

It’s good to keep things when you might need them someday, but in order to avoid getting claustrophobic in your own house or apartment, you have to keep them in check with regular declutter and tidy sessions.

When your clothes, shoes, coats or linen no longer fit in your wardrobe, cupboards and chest of drawers don’t start looking at new furniture just yet.

It’s best to first look at the things you have that are taking so much space and decide if you actually need all of them. It is healthy to let things go that no longer serve you, and you may just find yourself with an empty drawer or two after a good declutter.

You will start breathing easier in a room that is not overflowing with belongings. Also, the fewer things that are there - sitting on all surfaces, on “that” chair that we all have or on the floor, the easier the clean will be. Maybe you haven’t realised by now but the more things you have, the more time you will need to organise them!

If you don’t enjoy putting effort into it or you cannot afford to spend your time off in tidying and to put things in order, this might just be the solution for you.

Call and organise a service with us, and we will help declutter your life. If you want to minimize your belongings and get a particular room in order, your kitchen or even your whole property – we are here to assist.

We’ll be happy to organize your wardrobes, chest of drawers, kitchen cupboards and help you find the proper space for everything so you can easily keep the order after our visit. We’ll also be happy to fold and hang up clothes, bed linen and whatever else you need help with.

The service is hourly based and can either be pre-booked for a particular set of hours and follow your top priority or can last until everything you need is done! 

Our professionals have 10 years of experience and are CheckATrade certified, leaving you nothing to worry about. The service has no hidden charges and can be organised at the same rates for weekdays, weekends and even bank holidays. We’re here to help you at the most convenient time for you!

Declutter your life NOW!

Professional Move-In/Out Packing Services Tailored to Your Needs

Another service you can take advantage of if you are moving is our professional packing. It’s best to be preceded by our decluttering service so you can make sure you will only bring the things you love to your new home.

Our professional packing service is also completed by the hour and will save you the hassle in the days leading to your move when you have to take care of a million things, and you always leave packing for the very last minute.

Proper packing and sorting will save you space in the transport vehicle, saving you a number of trips back and forth and will make sure you can easily unpack afterwards. Our packers will sort everything based on the rooms that the items were and will be so you don’t have to worry about unboxing everything at once just to find that one spoon that you need.

Home Organisation Services in Hamphire to Save You Time

Once you’ve just moved, plan to move or even have been in your home for a while now, you may find yourself in need of organising.

We can help you find the right place for everything, so your belongings are easily accessible, easy to find, and most importantly – easy to be put back afterwards. A common reason for clutter is assigning very intricate and hard to reach places for your items. For example, if the first thing you do when you walk through your front door is put down your umbrella and keys, it doesn’t make sense that your umbrella holder or drawer is all the way to your bedroom and the key hook is in the kitchen.

Rethinking the small things you decided when you first moved in may save you from constantly having to go through your entire house, collecting a large basket of items that are laying around and then having to put them away where they belong.

We will be happy to re-organize your closet, wardrobe, and kitchen cupboards, as those are the ones that get out of hand quite easily. We are also experts in organizing bathrooms, basements, attics, and any closets or storage areas that you may have. Service is organised by the hour.

Hire Tanya’s cleaners to organize your home professionally and help you streamline your life. You will find regular tidying and decluttering will improve your life in the long run, leaving you with more time to spend on things that you enjoy.

It will also assist you if you need to move soon as you will have fewer things to pack and bring with you only things of value to you. We will gladly help you also pack and organize your home so that you can enjoy your space even more.

Save time and enjoy some extra space at home 

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