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Hire a Private Live-in Housekeeper in Hampshire

If you ever find yourself in need of around-the-clock help in your home and your regular cleaners cannot keep up with your household’s requirements, then hiring a live-in housekeeper in Hampshire is a fantastic opportunity for you and your family.

A private live-in maid is the perfect solution for busy or large families and also for big properties that cannot be managed by the family owners alone.

If you don’t physically have the time to take care of every single task in your home, you don’t have to deprive yourself of your social life or your beauty sleep. It doesn’t have to be you!

Live-in Housekeeper in Hampshire

Enjoy your life and your family time with Tanya’s Cleaners live-in housekeeper services! You don’t have to accept defeat and announce to the world your property simply cannot be managed. And you don’t have to be frustrated if your current regular cleaner cannot be with you every single day for many hours at a time.

Contact us and arrange a permanent live-in maid! Our housekeeper will be happy to stay on the grounds and live on the premises of your property. She will also be glad to assist you and your family five to six days a week for 8 to 12 hours at a time. Our domestic helpers will also provide all home services and even babysit your children and help raise them.

Standard Duties Often Required From Our Live-in Maids:

  • Cooking a nice family meal for you and your family daily or whenever needed;
  • Changing bed linen and doing your laundry, after which arranging it in its rightful place; 
  • Cleaning the entire home regularly and even performing yearly deeper cleans whenever needed or requested;  
  • Doing your grocery shopping and keeping the family fridge stocked up; 
  • Helping with looking over your children and given the opportunity - helping you raise them;
  • Anything else needed by your family or for your home on a daily or weekly basis.

Once you’ve experienced the comfort of a live-in housekeeper, you will never have to look back again. Having somebody around who knows your home as their own and who is always available to help you with any particular task or a household chore is a real gem.

You will no longer have to worry if you’re going out of milk or when it was garbage collection day.

Expert Done-For-You Live-In Staff Selection

Our live-in housekeeper services are not only convenient but extremely safe and reliable as well. You don’t have to even think about vetting your maid and asking around for recommendations from friends and family.

Tanya's Cleaners in a trusted housekeeper agency and we have already done this for you! All our private maids have been thoroughly vetted, and reference-checked, as well as CBS/DBS checked.

Then they are fully trained in all household tasks and requirements. Once you’ve decided to ease your life and have contacted us, we will then pick and choose from our housekeepers according to your needs.

After a casting of a sort we will select and recommend the most suitable one to your particular needs. Your personal house maid will be available on your chosen dates - up to 6 days a week. They will be happy to work on a standard working day of 8 hours or up to 12 hours a day.

Other Household Staffing Services We Offer

Live-in butler

A private butler who will help answer the phone and the door for you, greet guests, help you organise and manage events and even help with serving the food and drinks.

Farming couple

The couple will be happy to take on the role of managing and upkeeping your outdoor areas.

Housekeeper and handyman couple

Upgrade the maintenance of your home by selecting this option, where you not only will welcome a housekeeper to help with your home’s appearance, but a handyman as well to build and fix anything that needs attention.

Nanny and handyman couple

While our nanny helps with looking after and raising your kids, our handyman can look after the state of your property and properly maintain it.

Gardener and housekeeper couple

Enjoy our outstanding gardening skills combined with the careful and thoughtful TLC of our housekeeper.

Housekeeping couples

Even better option than one housekeeper in your property is a couple of housekeepers. In the chance of your home maintenance being too overwhelming for a single person, we also offer housekeeping couples to help you in your quest for a neat and tidy home.

Once you’ve chosen one or more of our household staffing services, you will welcome our carefully selected live-in domestic helper/s in your home.

They will immediately bring order and a tidy manner about it, leaving you with nothing to worry about, except how to live your best life.

Once you’ve requested our live-in housekeeper in Hampshire, you will be able to focus on work or your family, or both. You will no longer have to deal with groceries, who’ll be looking after the children for an hour or two, and who will do a run to the dry cleaners for you.

You can be the best version of yourself and have the home of your dreams with almost no effort. Call Tanya’s Cleaners and begin this new and exciting chapter of your life now!

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