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On-Demand Ironing Services in Hampshire for Your Home

Here at Tanya’s Cleaners, we are experts not only in home cleaning services but professional ironing in Hampshire, too. If you need help organising it, we’ll be happy to assist you with your house chores. One particular burdensome task may be to iron your clothes and bed linen. Not everybody has a gift for it or the mathematical mind to understand how to properly place a shirt on the ironing board to iron it properly, instead of making it worse. 

Ironing Services Hampshire

If you simply feel you can never do it right or the pile of things to iron has grown so big you think you’ll never manage – we’re here to help. You only need to do the laundry, and we will do the rest! The service is performed by our trained maids, each with more than ten years of experience in various house chores. Tanya’s Cleaners is one of the few companies in Hampshire who offer professional ironing services and indeed deliver quality results. Moreover, our maids can sort out not only the ironing but will also fold and put away all items in their designated areas.

Call us and organise the service, and you will have the opportunity to welcome one of our professional maids to do the ironing service on-site. For your convenience, we perform the service in your own home, so you don’t have to worry about bringing the items somewhere and then picking them up after. The home ironing service is hourly based, and you can pre-book a certain amount of hours, and the maids can sort out as much as they can in the allotted time. 

Of course, they will confirm on-site, once having seen the pile if the time will be sufficient. They will advise if more hours need to be booked or if it will take less, so you can plan your day accordingly. We happily offer weekday and weekend appointments, also bank holidays at no extra charge to you. We provide professional ironing not only in Hampshire but in Winchester, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Southampton, Otterbourne – call us now and organise the service at a date and time that is convenient for you.

Ironing service prices in Hampshire

Standard Ironing

  • The maid will perform the service using your own iron
  • Hourly based service

£15 /h

Steam Ironing

  • The maid will use a professional iron supplied and brought by us
  • Hourly based service

£ 20 /h

How Our Professional Home Ironing Service Works?

Our ironing service prices are compatible and affordable and will easily fit in your household budget. The service can be done using your own iron for only £15. Our maid can also bring a professional steam iron, and the service will only be slightly more expensive, while the standard will immensely increase to the level of professional ironing at your dry cleaners. The price for the service with a steam iron is £20, and it is adjustable to almost all materials and fabrics. Of course, before the maid starts ironing any of your delicates, they will first test on a tiny area to make sure the temperature is suitable to the particular material and will not cause any damage.

Both types of professional ironing we offer guarantee satisfactory results and both have their benefits. While the steam iron may be a bit more expensive, it cuts the ironing time in half when top-quality irons are used. The area it covers is larger than the size of a standard iron and is the preferred tool when it comes to bed linen and other large items that need to be ironed. It is completely safe for the fabrics as the temperature and pressure are adjustable, and the results are completely satisfactory as it’s been tried and tested over many years.

As part of the service, our maids will also be happy to fold and put away all the items professionally. They can organise your bed linen, towels, shirts and pants directly in their proper storage place. You can trust our maids to also iron baby and toddler’s clothes, towels, linen and any other of their fabric belongings.

Some of the most common items requested for ironing are?

  • Everyday garments – t-shirts, jeans, shorts, skirts, pants;
  • Occasion wear - two piece and three piece suits, dresses, ties and scarves
  • Linen – bed sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases, table cloths, napkins, cotton bags
  • Curtains – as long as the curtains are fabric or delicates suitable for ironing
  • Jackets, blazers, gowns, pants with creases and unique blouses can also be ironed after inspection and a small-patch test

Tanya’s Cleaners have been helping households in Hampshire for over ten years with their home chores while gaining experience and expertise in all types of quality professional ironing services. Our services are quick and efficient, and we don’t have to stop at just ironing. Our maids will be happy to neatly organise and put away the items in their rightful place – folded or put on hangers.

You will find the prices are competitive, and the quality of the service will surprise you. The big pile of laundry that needs ironing should no longer worry you, simply call us and request a visit at the best time for you, be it a weekday, weekend or bank holiday.

For your convenience, we have also recently expanded our service coverage, and we are one of the few ironing companies that serve all areas in Hampshire, Winchester, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Southampton, Otterbourne.

Save time and gift yourself a professional ironing 

Excellent. I have been working with them over a year. Good job and flexibility. Girls are prompt. Cleaning well done.

Mrs Arden

Stanka is an excellent cleaner. She is a pleasure to have in the house and very reliable. She has never let me down in 6 years, I would not hesitate to recommend her.

A. Tallis

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