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Effective Deep Upholstery Cleaning in Hampshire For Healthier Home 

Upholstery cleaning Hampshire is a service offered by Tanya’s Cleaners - a local business that’s been around for ten years, serving your neighbourhood and helping you with your household cleaning.

We are experts in cleaning and removing particular and stubborn stains and spots from your upholstery as well as overall cleaning to refresh and disinfect the fabrics.

Our professional upholstery cleaners in Hampshire successfully treat common issues such as food and drink spills, pets' dirty paws stains and general dust and dirt that accumulates no matter how much you try to keep clean.

Upholstery Cleaning in Hampshire

Organizing your deep upholstery cleaning service will ensure you live in a dust-free environment. It also reduces the risk of asthma, and our eco-friendly cleaning solutions are completely safe for you, your children, and pets.

 We offer a variety of stain removals for the different stains you may regretfully have, and we are fully qualified in all areas of upholstery cleaning.

Some of the most frequently requested upholstery for cleaning is:

  • Sofas, couches, and armchairs;
  • Futons, settees and day beds;
  • Mattresses, headboards, cushions, and curtains;
  • Chairs and stools.

We are trained and equipped to clean almost all materials that your upholstery may be from - wool, cotton, faux velvet or anything else – feel free to check the label and the cleaning instructions beforehand if you can and advise your technician.

Expert Sofa and Mattress Steam Cleaning in Hampshire Close to You

Most frequently requested services are mattress cleaning and deep sofa cleaning. Once you’ve chosen the items that need cleaning the technician will proceed to do a small patch test on the back of the sofa’s cushions or on another not visible area to make sure the hot water extraction method is suitable or if another cleaning approach is needed.

All types of mattresses are suitable for steam cleaning, as well as all synthetic and mixed fibre sofas. After the initial test, the technician will proceed to pre-treating any stains and high usage areas. Then the sofa or mattress, or any other type of upholstery you have, will be shampooed and hot water will get injected into the fabric.

Then the water, shampoo, dirt, and grime will be extracted into the machine, leaving your furniture just a bit damp, as the machine will remove up to 95% of the moisture.

It is recommended not to sit on the items for a few hours after the service has been performed to avoid any further staining. You can also speed up the process of complete drying out by leaving the upholstery uncovered and opening doors and windows to help ventilate the room that they are.

Your items can also be professionally deodorized after the upholstery cleaning in Hampshire service, for even better and fresher results! 

We will be happy to assist you with both domestic and commercial requests. Our carpet and upholstery cleaners are all CheckATrade certified, and we can easily pick up and drop off the keys to the property if you’re not available to welcome us. 

The service comes with no hidden or additional charges – you only pay what you were quoted for the service, nothing extra and nothing on top.

It is recommended to have your upholstery and mattresses cleaned regularly as they can accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, grime, and even cause or activate allergy or asthma symptoms in you or your family. Frequent upholstery steam cleaning will, of course, help you avoid all this and ensure you live in a dust-free and healthy home.

Curious How Sofa Steam Cleaning is Done?

Upholstery, Sofa and Mattress Cleaning Prices in Hampshire

Upholstery type

Hot Water Extraction



Two-seated sofa


Three-seated sofa


L–Shaped 4 seater sofa


Dining chair


Office chair


Single Mattress


Double Mattress


All current stains will get pretreated with the proper stain removal solution prior to the hot water extraction. Minimum charge per visit is £60.

Scotchgard™ Upholstery And Mattress Stain Protection For Dust-Free Living Environment

When your furniture is new you probably hardly think of a deep cleaning solution, but once they get a few years in they seem to need cleaning more and more often. 

Understandably you may not be available to take time out of your busy schedule to devote to having your items cleaned every now and then – we have the solution for you – Scotchgard protection!

We happily offer Scotchgard treatment to our clients after our cleaning services to keep your upholstery clean and fresh for longer.

Scotchgard is a fabric protection solution from future stains and spills. It’s transparent, odourless, and completely safe for you, your children, and your pets. It has the role of a protective film that is sprayed on top of any fabric, creating a transparent layer that stays between your favourite item and any future spills.

If you happen to drop or spill something on the fabric, you can quickly wipe it off. It will linger on top of the Scotchgard not penetrating the fabric, hence it will not allow staining. As it is a temporary solution it does, unfortunately, wear off, but it lasts for quite a while – usually around 6-7 months, depending on the type of fabric and the frequency of usage of said items.

Choosing to apply Scotchgard fabric protector to your freshly cleaned items will not add much to the bill but will save you a lot in the long run. It will not only keep the stains away but also slow down the general wear and tear of the fabric of your upholstery, which inevitably happens in time.

When your upholstery is protected, it will need cleaning less often. This will also lower the number of professional upholstery cleaning services you have to book for your items. If you feel the Scotchgard solution is wearing out, you can also call us to simply re-apply it, without having another furniture clean. Your upholstery will be sealed and protected, and you can enjoy them without worrying too much about dirty shoes, paws or spilt red wine or juice.

Get your upholstery professionally deep cleaned

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I found them very honest. Doing a good job, always on time and very pleasant to deal with. I have no hesitation in recommending Tanya’s Cleaners especially the director Stanka Grudeva to anyone who needs cleaning services

G. Serellis

Stanka and her team are very pleasant and courteous, always takes note of how you like a job doing.

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