Home Organising and Decluttering Services in Winchester

Expert Decluttering Services in Winchester for a Tidy Home

When life gives you lemons and then keeps on giving you many other things, sometimes you have to sit back, look at all you've accumulated and decide it's time to declutter your home and life. Here come your saving grace - Tanya's decluttering services in Winchester.

Whether you've decided to declutter and minimise the state of one room or the entire property, we are here to help you on your journey of streamlining your life.

Most people start with closet decluttering and then slowly move their way through to the kitchen.

Our clutter cleaning services can also specifically help you tidy up and minimise all your wardrobes and closets, declutter and store any children's toys and items, help with unpacking boxes after moving, and putting things from them away, and many other similar tasks.

Tanya's Cleaners home decluttering services are an hourly based service, the length of which can be initially pre-booked for a set amount of hours, or our helpers can arrive and stay as long as the job is completed and you are satisfied with the end result. 

This service can get easily combined with 
one-off deep cleaning and professional ironing, should you also need extra help with this.

decluttering services in Winchester

Home Organising Services in Winchester That Save You Time

After decluttering, let us help with organising your home as well while we’re at it. Our professional organisers will gladly help you with:

  • Reorganising and tidy up of your wardrobe;
  • Reorganising and streamlining your kitchen cupboards and shelves;
  • Organise and tidy up your bathrooms and toilets;
  • Reorganise and put in order your basement, attic or loft space;
  • Packing boxes before you move out;
  • Help with unpacking boxes when you’re moving in.

The service is also hourly based and can be easily combined with one-off house cleaning and carpet cleaning. The number of hours needed can be pre-booked, and our teams can do as much as they can in that time, following your priorities. 

Tanya's home organising experts can also advise on site, once they've seen your property's state, how many hours would be needed to scratch everything in your checklist.

As well as following your lead, our teams would also be happy to take matters into their own hands and provide home organisation ideas. We'll focus on one area only and organise and optimise that space, or do so in your entire property, rearranging things best according to the room layout you have.

Home Organising and Decluttering Prices


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House Decluttering and Tidying  


Move-In/Out Packing 


The Benefits of Clutter-Free Home and Life

Decluttering your life and home can have many benefits on your day to day activities and your wellbeing. Here are just a few of them:

  • A clutter-free environment improves our clarity and focus, leaving us with more time to spend on things we love;
  • You will feel less stressed, and your mind will be free to make important decisions, as you won’t have spent the better part of your brain capacity on micro-decisions concerning your home;
  • Minimalistic vibe to your space, which pleases the eye and comforts the soul;
  • Your friends and family won’t stop asking how you can run such a neat household! You don’t have to tell them you had help, it will be our little secret.

Local Declutterers and Home Organisers in Winchester You Can Rely on 

Now that you have our number, you don't have to worry about dooming your days off for staying indoors under a big mess or personal belongings.

You can simply call us and enjoy a walk outside or time with your loved ones while we take this burden off your shoulders. Contact us and enjoy the results of a clutter-free and well organised home!

Our Winchester declutter experts are open-minded, fully qualified, reference-checked, and insured. They are local, well trained, and experienced in decluttering, closet organising, kitchen organising, and home upkeep.

Tanya's specialists are prompt, polite, and friendly and will gladly help you put your home in the state you have always wanted.

We offer attractive prices with no hidden charges, and you can take advantage of our weekend and bank holiday appointments at no extra cost!

The cost of the decluttering service doesn't have to outweigh the results, and with us - you'll find this is the case.

Take advantage of our extremely professional and efficient teams at excellent prices and enjoy your well organised and decluttered home without going through the hassle of doing it yourself.

Once all your personal belongings are minimised it will be much easier to organise everything neatly and beautifully!

Enjoy your minimal space, which will open up room for time and experiences with loved ones and more time for yourself.

Take care of yourself by letting us take care of your home!

Why Choose Tanya's Cleaners?

  • Fully trained and insured professional home organising specialists in Winchester you can count on.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Up to 40% OFF deep carpet cleaning when combined home organising and decluttering.
  • Monday-Sunday availability, even on Bank holidays. 
  • Proven decluttering company in Winchester with 10 years of experience in deep cleaning and organising services.

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Clients About Our Clutter Cleanup Services

Excellent and reliable services. I'm very busy at work and I use Tanya's clutter cleaners every other month to organise my house. I find the ladies very punctual and they always deliver.


Very professional and courteous. They helped me move houses, cleaners packed all my stuff, and then unpacked and organised my new home. Can't recommend them enough.